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Slices Recipes

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Highest rated slices recipes

Mars Bar Slice a
A yummy snack made with Mars Bars!
Score: 0 stars
Pizza Dough
This recipe for Pizza Dough serves 4.
Score: 0 stars
This recipe for Scones serves 4.
Score: 0 stars
Chocolate Hedgehog
This recipe for Cadbury Chocolate Hedgehog serves 8.
Score: 0 stars
Chocolate Hazelnut Spirals
This recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Spirals serves 16.
Score: 0 stars
Buttermilk Scones
Follow this recipe and you'll get perfect light and fluffy scones every time.
Score: 0 stars
Double Chocolate Caramel Slice
This recipe for Double Chocolate Caramel Slice serves 12.
Score: 0 stars
Apricot Slice
This recipe for Apricot Slice serves 6.
Score: 0 stars