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Cookies Recipes

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Highest rated cookies recipes

Cocomut Macaroons
This recipe for Coconut Macaroons serves 5.
Score: 0 stars
Chocolate Two-Times
This recipe for Chocolate Two-Times serves 6.
Score: 0 stars
This recipe for Butterscotchies serves 6.
Score: 0 stars
Chunky Chocolate-chip cookies
This recipe for Chunky Chocolate-chip cookies serves 36.
Score: 0 stars
Parmesan Shapes
This recipe for Parmesan Shapes serves 8.
Score: 0 stars
Chocolate Chip Biscuits serve
In Australia we call them biscuits, USA cookies, call them what you will, they are still a tasty snack with a cup of milk.

This recipe can keep in the fridge and freezer as a dough ready for cooking.
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Almond Meringue Cream Filled Cookies
This recipe for Almond Meringue Cream Filled Cookies serves 25.
Score: 0 stars