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Peaches and Cream Trifle Recipe

Peaches and Cream Trifle
Peaches and Cream Trifle

This recipe for Peaches and Cream Trifle serves 8 people.

Time required: 20 minutes
(20 minutes to prepare, no cooking required)

Ingredients you'll need:

  • 1 cup of cream, whipped
  • 825 g sliced peaches, canned
  • ¼ cup of marsala
  • 1 sponge cake, day-old
  • 1 cup of mascarpone
  • ¼ cup of almonds, flaked, toasted

How to make Peaches and Cream Trifle:

  1. Drain Peaches, reserving ½ cup juice.
  2. Combine marsala and reserved juice. Cut cake into cubes, place in an 8-cup dish and press down firmly. Drizzle with marsala mixture.
  3. Arrange peach slices over cake. Using electric beaters, beat cream until soft peaks form. Add mascarpone and beat briefly until just combined. Spread mixture over peaches. Refrigerate for 1 hour to allow flavours to develop. Sprinkle with almonds just befor serving.

Recipe Notes:

Variation - Replace marsala with peach schnapps liqueur or Grand Marnier.

(Sourced from Quick Short Recipe Cookbook - Family Circle)

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