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Quick Mix Chocolate Cake

This Month

Welcome to The Cook. A new website that aims to help people find new recipes and products and help all levels of cooks from the beginners to the most accomplished.

Cooking should be fun and a learning experience, a time for testing out new products or new ways to perfect the perfect meal. Cooking is a skill that many have, and should be shared to everyone who is learning to cook.

Even the most experienced of us always can find out something new here on The Cook.

We hope that here at The Cook we can collect new ideas of working in the kitchen, recipes, tips, products, and we hope that we can share these ideas with you.

Each month we aim to provide you with new recipes, and new products and where you can purchase those items and eventually have monthly competitions.



Recipe of the Month

We had a go at the Italian Meatballs Recipe ... check out the recipe and photos of how it turned out!

Portuguese Potatoes

Product of the Month offers a whole new way to buy your kind of wine!

Check them out today for all your wine needs, delivered right to your door.

Fizz Market